Maybe maybe maybe !!









gonna continue recording the times until around 3:15 or 3:30 then ill go to the hospital if they’re still 4-6 minutes apart :)

look at the round-ness. dr says hes gonna be a big baby, we will see.

Getting really frustrated

I’ve been having back pain constant that’s gotten worse everyday but nothing that’s got worse in a few hours or anything that would make me think that i’m in labor. I have experienced contractions but since they don’t get much stronger I guess they’re just braxton hicks. My back has been killing me all the time for the past 4 days and it isn’t regular pain like it’s not just typical back pain… and these occasional contractions (20 or more for the past 2 day) are making me uncomfortable and really anxious. I’m 3cms. Any mamas on here have this happen to them?? please message me and tell me what in the hell. is it gonna be like this for another week or does this mean my labor is close? i really want little man to come out on his own! and they have my induction scheduled for October 3rd which is less than 2 weeks away. 

any mamas on here have there membrains sweeped/stripped

if so tell me if this is a good sign. im still having back pains sometimes it gets a little stronger but still nothing that makes me go OH SHIT the baby is coming. it’s been for about 6 hours now.. lemme know!! it’s all in my back mostly. 

Early labor?!

had my membraine sweep at 2:20 and felt imediate discomfort slight pain but not alot in my back and stomach… which has continued since i got home.. so for about the past 2 hours.. i’ve also felt some contractions but nothing regular just yet. let’s all cross our fingers!! :)

My dream LOL
  • I dreamed that James texted me saying ” your mucus plug came out in our bed and there’s blood, also you left farts all over the bed, thanks so much”

Like omg hahahaha too funny.


back pain! omg

for the past like 45 minutes. I was hoping it was contractions but i dont think so since its been constant. UGH. why is my back hurting so bad!!

Count Down to Little Man! (Any day now)

Looking forward to:

  1. Holding our son in my arms for the first time
  2. Cuddling him daily, bonding with him, breast feeding
  3. Moving permanently to our new apartment in NC so that way me, james and our little man can start our lives together
  4. Knowing when his birthday is! :)
  5. No more back pains and awkward pressure when walking
  6. Drinking more frappes! 
  7. Yoga and working out