Baby boys book collection so far, i’m looking forward to reading to him :)


Storage units my uncle got for little mans room. !!!

I’m excited about these pieces since they can have things added to them to make them taller and like benches to put in between them and other drawers, book shelves and all KINDS of stuff you can add to them on top, on bottom or in between them. 

search stuva storage combinations on google if you’ve yet to get dressers/storage for you little ones room these things look great.


ordered the crib i found that me and babe both love! 

Jumperoo :) 

:) in his daddys favorite color 

Had to get him some shoes, polo boots, jordans, new balances & nikes :)

mama went shoppin today :)

Our little Ravens baby :)

So glad mommy & daddy like the same football team lol.

carseat that I love  for when he gets bigger